Meet the Green Life Project through our video gallery. However, the real magic of the rainforest and wild nature can be perceived only when you are actually in the middle of its beautiful and raw wilderness.


Green Life- the idea for the future

In this short film you will meet the Green Life Project that is working on protection of the rainforest and endangered animal species. You will learn about the idea for the future, how to protect the world natural heritage- the unique National Parksfrom poaching and illegal tree cutting.

Green Life 2013-2014

A film about the Green Life Reservation, anti- poaching activities, collaboration of all of us for protecting the rainforests and endangered animal species.

Green Patrol 1- the anti- poaching patrol:

Meet the anti-poaching Green patrol. This short film will take you to the very beginnings of ideas of anti-poaching activities. Altogether with Ali Rusli and our volunteers, we were searching for evidences of poaching activities in GunungLeuser NP. These evidences finally brought us to signing a contract with NPGL Management- Section V- Bohorok.

Green Patrol 2:

A short film about the anti- poaching patrol and its campaign against illegal activities in GunungLeuser NP.  You will see footage from the actual meeting with poachers and how we tried to involve them into nature protection.

Help me my man!

Meet the animals, their beauty, nature and suffering that the man causes them.

Green 666

A short film about the oil palm tree and its impact on the environment and human society.  The purpose of this film is not to make you fall into despair, but to motivate towards rainforest and animal protection.

Appeal to the world:

Hear an honest appeal from Milan Jeglik- Chairman of Green Life Project non-profit organization which is working on collaboration for protection of the world natural heritage – the tropical rainforests.

Save the rainforest:

Every single one of us can get involved into saving the rainforest. One Are of the rainforest makes enough oxygen for about 900 living creatures every day.  One Are can be saved for only 33 Euro and can be incorporated into the first Green Life Reservation in Sumatra.

Camera traps footages: