As most of our supporters and volunteers know, last year we collected some absolutely unique footages of tigers in Green Life reserve, including tiger mum with her two cubs. It was the most fantastic surprise for us and the story now continues….


1st August 2016 – On top of the hill just above Green Life reserve we found place, where 3 tigers slept – two smaller imprints and one bigger, which indicates tiger mum with her cubs (about 13-14 months old.)

1st August 2016 – two grown up tiger cubs appeared on the camera trap next to river… for 100% these are the same two cubs that appeared in Green Life reserve on the same night.

August 2016 – big adult tiger (most probably female) on the camera trap in Sekelam Valley

In summer 2016 we spotted footages with two young tigers – grown up cubs, (camera trap sponsor – Zdeněk Čejka). I don’t even have the words to explain what a great joy we all felt; it was magical moment for Green Life. We had the chance to ‘meet’ these amazing creatures again. With camera traps we are trying to monitor and keep an eye (from distance) on their existence.

A few days later we collected another footage, this time it was an adult tiger (camera trap sponsor Iva Čenovská a spol.).

Thanks to camera traps in Green Life reserve & Leuser ecosystem, we can monitor not only movements of animals, but poachers too. So far we’ve spotted few bird poachers in NPGL and we are trying to find way how to put an end to their game (we are still awaiting licence).

Live the tiger story with us and help us to protect them. We need camera traps and especially stable financial funds in order to keep anti-poaching patrols in action. If we get sufficient support, we’ll be able to hire another 2 members to our patrol in 2017, which means 6 active members + Ali Rusli as a person for direct contact with Regional Offices and Indonesian public.

Crucial member of the patrol is ZBYNĚK HRÁBEK, who is taking responsibility over all patrol’s actions.

More information and updates about Tiger Commando will be posted in upcoming news.