The Green Life Project and the Tiger House are internationally supported.

The first volunteer group, had two returning volunteers, Karel and Veronika from the Czech Republic who are presently living in Brighton, UK. They brought some beautiful English wildlife books, which were added to the Tiger House library. Loren, a friend of theirs, gave the project a generous donation of an Acer Aspire E13 laptop. Loren is excited about our project, and is working with Veronika creating the text for our new English website.

As well as the laptop and books, Karel and Veronika brought us a new camera trap for wildlife monitoring and a pair of binoculars. The two of them were a great help working on the Green Life reserve and beach cleaning in Pulau Banyak, where we are making preparations for the upcoming Blue Life Project.

We thank our entire Czech-English team, in particular Loren from Brighton for her generous gifts.