In the summer of 2015 a new administration team at the local GLNP office noticed an anomaly in our collaboration agreement, which meant that our contract was void and we no longer had the right to patrol the park or monitor it with camera traps.

Indonesian bureaucracy is far from transparent and the problem is yet to be explained, but we have recently discovered that none of the many reports on poaching activity in the GLNP, made over 18 months, were received by the head office in Medan. They stated that they were completely unaware of our patrol’s activity.

We are obviously disappointed by this but our time has not been wasted. Our presence has kept poachers out of the area we monitored and our camera traps have revealed the presence of rare animals in an under-investigated environment.

Details of a new collaboration plan are being finalised.

Concerned that a smaller patrol area would not allow us to protect the tiger cubs on the Green Life reserve, we have created Tiger Commando to increase the power of the anti-poaching patrol. Managed by Ali Rusli (YHUA chair), we have employed four enthusiastic local people; Aril, Suria, Jusli and Bima as the patrol team.

On the first training patrol in January 2016, we discovered an incorrectly marked border of the National Park, which was reducing the Green Life reserve by about 0.25hectares.

We also encountered a local guide accompanying three geologists from Medan, who had illegally entered the Green Life reserve. They were warned that they were trespassing and could be prosecuted if they returned.

Operational from the beginning of February, Tiger Commando will patrol the Green Life reserve and the border of the GLNP between the rivers Berkail and Sekelam sixteen days a month. If the new collaboration contract with the GLNP comes into force they will be protecting this area of the park also.

From mid-February 2016, Mr. Zbynek Hrabek, joined the Tiger Commando in the field as a photographer. He is responsible for sending us the reports and photo documentation from the patrols.

The Tiger Commando needs your support. Its monthly costs are calculated to be approximately 740 euros. We are looking for twelve companies to be official partners for this project, who will sponsor the monthly costs for operating the Tiger Commando. Currently we have five potential sponsors that will soon be officially posted on our website.

Join us and become a patron for the Sumatran Tiger and other endangered species living in the Green Life reserve and the Gunung Leuser National Park