In the first week of September, we received from Zbyněk Hrábek information from Sumatra that there are two Sumatran elephants in the captivity of palm plantation at Sebusalam.

It is a female elephant with a baby elephant who have been living in a life-threatening condition for 5 years.

How did they get there? It was formerly a rain forest, but it was slaughtered by a palm tree company and planted with palm oil tree seedlings. Elephants lived there, who gradually left these lands and departed deeper into the forest near NP Gunung Leuser, except for one female elephant who was pregnant with the baby elephant and did not catch it before excavating a deep moat that separated the plantations from free space and the forest. But years passed and the forest disappeared closer to the Gunung Leuser NP. The female elephant with its baby elephant were hiding in front of people, but gradually starved began to destroy the crops in the middle of the plantation where the people moved. It was eating bananas, vegetables and also began to demolish the humen´s hut. It was a threat to humen´s invaders, and precisely at this moment, the Prales Dětem Club and the Oceán Dětem Club enter the scene.

When this information arrived, we have just dealt with our Tiger Commando anti-poachers patrol of the Sumatran tiger, who cowed a cow in the district of Bohorok and the two dogs that clung to his catch without respect. Well the work overhead with patrolling, monitoring, extinguishing the tiger, and, of course, compensating for the loss of a slaughtered cow, so we have calmed the whole situation. Right now, there was a message about the need to save the elephants and we heard it.

We spoke lightly to people who, during the week, contributed to the elephant operation about 110,000 CZK which we sent in September the 14th to Sumatra on behalf of our partner non-profit yayasan Save Aceh Nature organisation, which together with YHUA and our Tiger Commander will go from September the 21st into the action.

A large meeting of other partner organizations, including the BKSDA governmental nature conservation organization, will be held this day. The entire budget of the event is estimated at approximately 100 – 200 thousand CZK and it is sponsored by the Prales Dětem Club and the Ocean Dětem Club. The whole mission is under the meddling of the media, which prevents people from harming the elephants at this time.


  • negotiations with authorities and the public on cooperation and the acquisition of 50 men for the work
  • burial of a ditch that can not overcome elephants
  • lure the elephants into the food corridor and drive them out after marking the elephants with a drop to the NP Gunung Leuser – about 4 km


The expected duration of the event is about one to two weeks.

Sumatran elephants are particularly vulnerable to extinction, mainly due to poaching for ivory and the loss of their natural environment due to massive deforestation and expansion of oil palm or eucalyptus plantations.

If more money is collected than elephants will be needed for the whole operation of elephants, so this money will be used to support the emerging anti-poachers patrol to protect the reserve and Bangkaru, where from January 2019 we will protect sea turtles and their lay down eggs place from poaching, including offshore waters from illegal fishing, so they will be used for the best way.

Thank you to all who have joined and are still joining the operation of elephants!
Please keep going and spread!