August 2017 became a significant month for the Green Life reserve because we decided to begin with the construction of Green Camp III in the Valley of the river Sekelam, also called Elephant Valley.
Already in June we chose the land that the volunteers had to clean and where they had to bring all the material necessary for the construction. This included the necessity to bring rocks and sand from the river and carry boards for the base of the building that would become a smaller twin of the Tiger House.

At the ground floor there will be kitchen, stock, and place to relax while at the first floor there will be a terrace where our volunteers will spend their nights. Swimming in Sekelam river next to the camp exceeds all expectations. There are otters in the river and the upper part of the valley is the migratory elephant trail.
The existence of Green Camp III will significantly impact the poaching activity, in the same manner it did in Green Life I and II. We would like to thank to all volunteers for their hard and amazing work at the camp construction!