Volunteer programs began successfully on 9th January 2017. The first tour of duty was unique and launched a promising year for the rainforests and the Green Life reservation. An important guest, Miss Czech Republic 1999 Helena Houdová, with her son, has visited the reserve; she is an extraordinary personality, a vegan, a woman who works with the energies of the Earth. After becoming familiarised with the reservation and the Green Life project, she proclaimed the place sacred, and promised cooperation to save the forest reserve and help with its expansion. Together we have photographed and recorded interesting images that will become part of the campaign to save the rainforests. It was a very nice meeting, and a positive experience for all involved.

Helena Houdová will attend this year’s Green Life Party in Lubenec at the end of May 2017, when she will arrive from the US, where she currently lives with her children. Her visit will be accompanied by a press conference in Prague with a ceremony for the forests in Lubenec, in which you can participate too.