The Green Life reserve presently covers 50 hectares.  We’ve paid for 40 ha already and the remaining 10 ha will paid at the end of 2016.  Thanks to everybody who helped us protect the rainforest and wildlife.

We have the opportunity to buy secondary rainforest close to the Green Life reserve sites. We have negotiated installments on lands of 7 hectares (next to GL1), 1.5 hectares (next to that) and 5 hectares (next to GL2). There is an installment of 50m Rp for each parcel of land due in February 2016. We are also negotiating on lands of 5 hectares (next to GL1 for 14,800- 16,650 Euro) and 7 hectares (next to GL2 for 23,300 Euro).

If we succeed in buying these lands, we would gain the area along the border of the park between the current reserve sites, GL1 and GL2, joining them to create a protected area of 75.5 hectares. Once achieved that would leave only three land areas to buy to secure this section of the GLNP border.

The whole of the Green Life reserve will be under the control of the Tiger Commando from February 2016.

The average cost of these lands is £30 per 100m2 (1 are). We could invest and save the extra 25.5 hectares if 2,550 people decide to save 1 are and become a member of our big Green Life family.