In summer 2016 we moved the Green Life reserve borders further again. Thanks to people who donate to save the rainforest, the reserve can grow and cherish every day.

In August 2016 we made first payment of 15m Rp for another 7.5 hectares of land between GL1 and river Sekelam. We can now legally guard this large area of abundant secondary rainforest with wild animals including orang-utans. This step has been crucial for the entire Green Life reserve as it is now closer to river Berkail.


In September 2016 we focused on another area – the valley of river Sekelam. This valley lies on the borders with NPGL and it is one of the last places in Sumatra where still live and migrate wild Sumatran Elephants. The last approx. 1.500 live in wild and apparently 7 of them live in Sekelam (although this information has not been confirmed yet). These elephants apparently migrate over the hills to rivers Berkail, Mardikan, Landak and Bohorok and then back again. We’ve already managed to pay deposit of 60m Rp for this land. Next payments will be following always in January & June 2016 and then January & June 2018.

The original owner will be leaving the area by February 2017 and after that the valley will become a blockade for poachers. Our plan for 2017 is to build a camp GL3 with one or two watchtowers there.  

We are also planning collaboration with Indonesian youth organization Kombab. We believe this is going to be an effective way of guarding the area as poachers would not want to get crossed with Indonesian Muslim youngsters..

Sekelam valley is crucial area for protection of NPGL, because at this moment it is an open gate for poachers and illegal lumberjacks to get to the National Park. The valley is now going to be a part of guarded Green Life reserve with its first 11 ha. In the nearest feature we want to negotiate another 8 ha on the other side of the river, and after that our vision and hope is to reach 100 ha and more .

The purpose of saving The Elephant Valley is comeback of elephants into this area. We want to prove people that elephants don’t need safaris or rescue stations; they need only space which can be secured if people give them back their ancient territories. They will inhabit the space themselves and we can just be at it!

The current area of Green Life reserve is 85.5 hectares in total!!!!!!

During the next two years we have to finish all payments for lands that we’ve started – around 37,000 EUR. We want to show people that lives of animals and rainforest have bigger value than printed papers called money. Stay with us, the animals deserve it!