As of April 10th 2016 the Czech and Indonesian private rainforest nature reserve covers 67 hectares of protected territory. We managed to buy 5 more hectares of a slope adjoining GL1 on the border of Gunung Leuser NP on which secondary rainforest is growing. All new vegetation comes from the natural spreading of the primeval trees in the national park. The slope had been cleared and planted with rubber trees in the past but nature had taken control again and Green Life persuaded the owner to sell the land for 225 million rupees + 3 million for legal costs. We have paid a deposit of 100 million rupees and we are obliged to pay the rest by the end of 2016, including the final notary contract. This vital piece of land connects the plots in GL1 and GL2 reserves which are only a few minutes’ walk apart.

We would like to inform our supporters and saviours of the rainforest that GL1 reserve has reached an area of 60 hectares and GL2 covers 7 hectares, making a total of 67 hectares of protected territory. Green Life reserve is also the first children’s rainforest reserve as pupils from partner schools of the REPE project in the Czech Republic have contributed to its establishment.

We continue to buy forest plots on the border of the GLNP as they become available and we are completing the important first stage of joining GL1 and GL2, thereby extending the area of protected border. We currently need to buy 4 more plots between GL1 and GL2, a total area of around 20 hectares, to form an effective barrier between the GLNP and human activity in this area. 2,000 people each saving 1 are of rainforest would make this possible.

A certificate showing the donation of 1 are of rainforest territory in the name of the recipient might be a nice gift for someone of any age. 1 are (10x10m) costs £30.

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