In March 2017, an extremely important programme became a reality for the Green Life project, in collaboration with YHUA (Chairman Ali Rusli) and volunteer Tereza Hušková (Tartusya), with the support of Prales dětem (Rainforest For Children Association): a recycling programme was initiated in the five villages in Batu Jon Jon, where bins and information signs were stationed, and new garbage disposal systems were set up.


Tereza received a mission budget of 5 million rupees. Learn more here, in her report from the field:

“Before I stepped into the beautiful rainforest
in powerful northern Sumatra, I had decided to implement a programme for the first time against plastic. I was unable to just sit back and watch. On the way from the airport, heading in the direction of the National Park, I looked out of the window in disgust at the mountains of plastic, and although it was senseless to me, it gave me enough strength to do something about it! I always think of the fish, birds, and animals with stomachs full of plastic. Everything goes into the rivers, and from the rivers into the oceans. In the cities, we can’t breathe properly anymore because of contamination, but here in the small villages on the edges of the jungle it is much more of a sad sight; garbage flows into rivers, or melts in fires in front of bamboo houses.

Big thanks to Zuzana Koloušková and Milan Jeglik, who is the founder of Prales dětem (Rainforest For Children Association), under which the project was funded.

Here in Indonesia: ‘Yayasan hutan untuk anak’. I fought with it for one week, and Ali helped me to organise it. Another local helped me with translations. It concerns five villages. It’s an experiment that, if effective, could be applied to many other parts of the world, where nature battles with garbage and waste. One should not give up, but must keep going, even by just doing small things. On the big day journalists, military, and volunteers were invited, and even the anti-poaching patrols attended.

If you would like to be meaningfully involved in the rescue of one of our most recently and rapidly disappearing rainforests, here is your chance: Green life Rainforest For Children. It makes sense!”

Tereza Hušková