In March 13th, 2018, with our excellent female employee Ayu, we went to two schools in Medan, which are part of the Green School environmental program. Pupils and students waited us together with their teachers and introduced us a program of composting, recycling, gardening and production of gift items from recycled materials.

We discussed with school directors that we are willing to offer schools several times a year remedial and educational programs in the nature of Green Life, or on the Blue Life project, where children would be involved in cleaning beaches from plastic. Our proposal has been very popular with schools and we are working together to implemet it gradually. Also, schools were interested in possible cooperation with Czech schools in our NEPZ project.

Our plan is to create close cooperation with schools and to launch international cooperation on the protection of rainforests in relation to the upbringing of the upcoming generation, to be in the Czech republic or Indonesia. The opening event will be the planting of fruit trees in the Green Life Reserve in March 18th, 2018.