Taking time out from the preparations for the Tiger House Grand Opening, from January 11th to 17th   we travelled to Sinkantang Island in the Pulau Banyak archipelago with nine volunteers to clear some of the plastic rubbish that regularly washes up on the beaches. Within these few days we managed to clean up half of the beaches on Sinkantang Island and one beach on an island nearby.

We also found time to go kayaking along the beautiful coast, play beach volleyball and generally relax enjoying the tropical sun. We did a lot of snorkeling, exploring the coral reefs and the volunteers got a glimpse of life under the water. Milan Jeglik shared some of his diving knowledge, gained through more than 5000 dives as a professional scuba-diver, and talked about plans to create a marine reserve as part of a new Blue Life Project.

In total, we filled 82 large jute bags with our collected plastic rubbish which we stowed under the deck of the boat that took us back to Singkil. From there, we hired a truck and drove the rubbish to a dump located in the middle of oil palm plantations, one hour away from the town.

The Green & Blue volunteer program was very successful and it made a solid foundation for the Blue Life Project.