After five years of our educational project NEPZ (The Richest Ecosystems of the Earth) which has taken place in Czech and Moravian schools since 2012 a new ambassador of the future generation has emerged. This new ambassador was selected from more than 10 thousand students from primary and secondary schools in the Czech Republic. His name is Honza Suchý from Brno who met us at Kuldova primary school in 2012, when he attended the 6th grade.

Honza Suchý was part of this educational project until 2016 when he left to study at Gymnázium Globe (grammar school) and later to Gymnázium Vídeňská. At that point we have already been in contact with Honza who visited us regularly in our office in Brno. He presented us his project „Uvědomění“ (Awareness), which became a community for youth who familiarize themselves with the environmental problems of today’s world.

In spring 2017 we invited Honza to visit Sumatra with us so that we could show him our project and its functioning right in the terrain. We hoped to give Honza ideas and experiences that he could share with his peers back in the Czech Republic.

Honza also spent 46 days as a volunteer at Green and Blue, in the Sumatran rainforest and Indian Ocean coastline. He visited Indonesian wetlands, dived in the sea to see the beauty of the underwater world and learnt to drive a motorboat. In Green Life reserve Honza met the members of the Tiger commando team and attended the public hearings. He came back home with more than 6 thousand photos, which he will edit for the public and school lectures.
We will work together on creation of a Student day for the planet Earth on the 6th of December in Brno and we count on the future cooperation with Honza on several projects that he will spread among thousands of students not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad.

Honza Suchý is becoming a hope in our journey to deliver the reality of the environmental degradation to our young generation. This is crucial in order to provide our youth the opportunity to face this problem and oppose the ignorance.

You will be able to meet Honza in our public lectures in Brno, Praha and many other places that will be published by the end of the month on our website.