The second half of August 2018 caught the Green Life project traditionally in full volunteer activity.
The Tiger Commando was slowly but surely preparing for the 10-day patrol of Gunung Leuser National Park Guard when something amazing happen.
The information of the cow kill by the tiger in the area between the rivers of Bohorok and Landak spreads through the villages, and people again got panic, as in December 2014. At that time, the tiger killed two cows, and we were compensated in a big meeting with the representatives of the authorities and villages to make the situation calmer and people did not want to repel. At that time, the situation really calmed down, and the tiger returned without any difficulties over the Green Life Reserve to NP Gunung Leuser. For almost four years there was quiet.

This time our team was ready for a great action. Due to the fact that we cooperate officially with the NPGL, we have a great trained Tiger Command team, we are monitoring with photopasts and we have a great background of the Tiger House, so we have been called upon to lead the National Park to participate in solving this problematic situation. The tiger came back to the cow and threatened to hurt it. People were nervous and they were afraid to work in the rubber plantations in the area. In this situation, the Tiger Commando entered the scene with Zbyněk Hrábek and our technique. The team has put 12 photopasts in the field, most of them near the dead cow. Zbyněk prepared a thermovision with thermal camera and they waited for the first night with a tiger. Several members of the Commando were hiding in a wooden shed about 50 meters from the cow, and the coming darkness was approaching even the moment of the arrival of the tiger. Zbyněk Hrábek could watch and shoot the first shots of the Sumatrian tiger directly in the thermal camera, ie in direct contact.

There has also been an attempt by the Tigger Guarders to drive back to the National Park in the form of clubs and petards, but in vain, the tiger was returning to his cow, and so we approached to the second option, let the tiger under watching and guarding the whole area not in front of the tiger but in front of the people.

Our team was for 12 days in the field and they were able to do a great job, which excited the guards themselves, which means that they finally understand the contribution of our team for the protection of the National Park.

The tiger came back to the cow every night and mostly stayed until the morning. One day, two local semi-wild dogs visited its prey and apparently did not understand who the dead cow belonged to. After a repeated attempt to feed, a tiger attack on both occurred dogs which he killed and thrown in the grass next to the cow. This moment the photopasts did not even recorded and in the cameras can be only seen the moment when the tiger is shaking the dog and take it out of sight. Then the tiger continued to consume the cow and didn´t notice the dead dogs at all. In the course of days, the tiger carved the cow and gradually took it to the forest, where he had more rest for food and digestion. Days passed, and the whole event was coming to its end. The last day, the tiger was thrown down with the help of gunshots and petards. All the time, the local population was kept under the control and the tiger returned to the National Park even before the final screaming event, which was rather the calming of the local people, because the tiger was obviously not in the area.

The complete conclusion of the TYGR OPERATION was completed by compensating the damage caused by the tiger, which was paid to the owner of the cow of 5 million Rupie, including behavioral environmental training in the event of a repetition of the situation or how to prevent other tiger incidents. All members of the Tiger Command Team, including Zbyněk Hrábek and Ali Rusli, belongs a great thank for their work. We also thank the NPGL guards for their cooperation and, above all, the supporters of the Tiger Commando, who also allow us to act in the field to protect the Sumatran tigers and not only them!

A few days later, a kill dead wild pig was reported between the Tiger House and the Green Life Reserve in the Rubber Plantations, and the Tiger Commando was once again asked whether it could document the situation and provide peace in the area.
As the whole situation has evolved, we will only learn, because our team is still in the field. We look forward to more information from OPERATION TYGR II.