We took part in a 5-day anti-poaching patrol with the Tiger Commando in Gunung Leuser NP between 21st and 25th February 2016. We set off from the Green Life reserve, crossed the nearest ridges and continued to the Berkail river valley from which we crossed the mountain ridge to the Sekelam river valley.

In those 5 days we tracked the Sumatran tiger, spotted a female orangutan with a young, watched hundreds of large flying foxes, found 11 traps, two of which contained trapped animals (a great argus and a yellow-throated marten (kharza)). Eight of the traps were set to kill. We naturally destroyed all of them and took them with us. The whole patrol was recorded on a dictaphone and we are going to prepare a 5-part audio recording and publish it on our website through which you can support the Tiger Commando and keep it operational, in order to draw you directly into action.