The Green Life Project runs three main operations:

  • Save the Rainforest – purchasing land to increase the size of the Green Life reserve
  • Tiger House – education and information centre also coordinating local waste disposal
  • Tiger Commando – anti-poaching patrol and swift-response conflict resolution team

Each operation has its own bank account to make transactions more transparent. General expenses and donations are listed. Click on the link of any bank account below to see the debits, credits and current balance. Details of spending on large projects are available in News.


Save the Rainforest 

This fund buys deforested land on the Bohorok border of the GLNP, in what was previously an established wildlife corridor in the valley, and allows it to regenerate to extend the safe habitat for wildlife in this part of the Leuser Ecosystem. Any donation is welcome.

  • £3 will buy 10 m²

  • £30 = 100 m² (1 are)

  • £300 = 1000 m² (10 ares)

  • £3000 = 10,000 m² (1 hectare)

Name of account: Green Life Project


Account number: 15779960

Sort code: 80-22-60

  • IBAN: GB90BOFS80226015779960

Tiger House and Tiger Commando represent a new phase in the Green Life Project.

The expansion of our vision for effective environmental conservation comes at a price – an increase in regular outgoings. Costs are kept to a minimum and we employ local people where possible to increase the community’s stake in environmental conservation.

Any donation is welcome but a regular monthly donation would help with our financial planning.

Tiger House 

The monthly expenses are as follows:

  • Teaching – £70

  • Cleaning and security – £55

  • Electricity – £15

Name of account: Tygří dům (Tiger House)

Name of bank: Fio Bank

Account number: 2300885305 / 2010

  •  IBAN: CZ1020100000002300885305

Tiger Commando

Tiger commando  – the anti-poaching patrol guarding the Green Life reserve and the Bohorok border of the GLNP, also acting as a swift response team in suspected tiger attacks to prevent retaliatory action. Monthly expenses for the four member team are £600.


Name of account: Tygří hlídka (Tiger Commando)

Name of bank: Fio Bank

Account number: 2600885307 / 2010

  • IBAN: CZ8820100000002600885307


Local management and administration monthly expenses:

YHUA (Yayasan Hutan Untuk Anak) our Indonesian partner organisation is responsible for liaising with the authorities and local people, and the management of Tiger Commando.


  • Manager – £215

  • Secretary – £80

  • Administration – £107

  • Manager of the Green Life reserve Zbyněk Hrábek – £140.


The Green Life Project costs £1300 per month. 

These expenses are for teaching, security and administration, and exclude the purchase of land, camp maintenance, promotional materials or unexpected expenses.