Non-profit organisation Forest For Children (FFCh) was founded in Prague by Pavel Bakovský in 2009 with the aim of protecting the rainforest and endangered wildlife species of the Leuser Ecosystem in Sumatra. In 2012, the registered office moved to Brno and Milan Jeglík, who created the Green Life Project, became the new chairman, and Zuzana Koloušková, vice-chairman. In 2013 the  office moved again to its present site in Hodějovic.

The Green Life Project was developed by FFCh with the intention of creating a privately owned, monitored reserve as a way of protecting the national park from illegal encroachment. Initially comprising just 5 hectares, the reserve now covers 50 hectares of land.

The Green Life Project manages these operations:

  • Green Life reserve – protected forest adjacent to the Gunung Leuser National Park
  • Tiger House – education and information centre
  • Tiger Commando – poaching prevention and wildlife monitoring
  • Green & Blue – multi-site volunteer program

Green Life Education and the Richest Ecosystem on Planet Earth school program (REPE) were created by FFCh in 2012 to complement the activities of the Green Life Project. Visiting schools in the Czech Republic, Moravia and Slovakia REPE aims to educate young people about the importance of environmental conservation.

The Forest For Children administration team are volunteers: 

  • Milan Jeglík (chairman)
  • Zuzana Koloušková (vice-chairman)
  • Radek Novotný
  • Vladimíra Koloušková (treasurer)
  • Petr Coubal
  • Adéla Jiřičková (REPE coordinator)
  • Jonáš Kopp (IT support)
  • Michaela Koshová (translator)
  • Tereza Včelová
  • Leon Bembo
  • Martin Kopecký


The Green Life Project presently employs 5 members of staff who remain on site in Sumatra year round. They are: Ali Rusli (Chairman YHUA) Zbyněk Hrábek (Green Life reserve manager), Dona (Tiger House coordinator) Aja (book-keeper and secretary) Aril (Green Life reserve head guard) and 4 Tiger Commando guards.

Milan Jeglík and Zuzana Koloušková spend 6 months of the year on the Green Life reserve running the volunteer programs, while overseeing other aspects of the Green Life Project. In this capacity they work as volunteers. They receive salaries from FFCh for the work they do for the REPE school program.

The projected cost of staffing for 2016 is £9,000.

 Coming soon

  • The Statutes of Forest For Children 

  • Forest For Children Annual Reports