The Rainforest For Children Association is a nonprofit, non-governmental and non-humanitarian organization that focuses specifically on conservation and animal welfare. Our journey does not align with the current theoretical scientific system, but is directly linked to a personal perception of nature and animals as equal to human beings. We proceed with personal knowledge based on long-term learning about nature and animals in their natural environments. We recognize planet Earth and nature as having the highest earthly value, and that it is superior to human nature, and our self-destructive culture.

We are looking for ways to attain the knowledge and understanding of our true human values, those which correspond with our everyday life. We respect life as a supreme value, without the distinction of animal species. We believe that we are born to live in fullness and joy without suffering, and that we do not have any right to cause gratuitous suffering of other living beings. Our mission stands fully behind animal rights, and is to protect them from the greedy, spiteful, stupid, or characterless people who, around us, commit crimes against nature – of which very nature we are a part.

Our educational and pedagogical activity is focused on conservation and animal welfare, thus benefitting the conservation of wildlife. The protection of nature, animals and the environment is considered the pinnacle of health protection and an ethical human society, because people do not need the current achievements of human civilization, but we absolutely need healthy drinking water, clean air and safe food. All this gives us a healthy environment, which is directly linked to the existence of animals and plants. Our project is based on a respect for nature, to be humble, compassionate, and courageous to oppose despotism and the characterless and greedy people who only reflect personal benefit at any price.


The Rainforest For Children Association does not receive any subsidies or grants. We are not supported financially by any government or systemic nature conservation organisations. All of our funds are received through the voluntary support of adults and children, and partner companies and sponsors. Sponsorship by corporate donations are subject to ethical scrutiny. Members of the Rainforest For Children Association (including its chairmen) receive no financial remuneration and work for the protection of nature and animals voluntarily, without pay.

The only resources
utilised in the Czech Republic are the hire and production of promotional materials. Thus, the vast majority of financial support is purposed to aid the project Green Life in Sumatra. The RAINFOREST PROTECTION transparent account is implicitly designed to rescue and redeem rainforest land, as well as the TIGER WATCH (payment facilities and commando camera traps) and TIGER HOUSE (education and training, personnel, energy) accounts.

The main leaders of the
Rainforest For Children Association, Milan Jeglík and Zuzana Koloušková, live on funds donated to support the Green Life project, and finance their basic needs in the Czech Republic on the basis of the successful school project NEPZ, which still supports the Green Life project.

Their 5-month stay in
the Green Life project is financed by voluntary programs that they organise. The Rainforest For Children Association and the Green Life project are ethical ways to defend the highest values, which is the protection of wildlife, animal ethics and human life.


  1. We respect life as a fundamental value without the distinction of animal species.
  2. We are vegans. The reason for our veganism is love, respect and humility towards animals as perfect Earthlings.
  3. We avoid products which contain palm oil as much as is possible.
  4. We live a thoughtful way of life: sorting and minimising waste, using recycled paper, and buying products ethically, without unnecessary packaging.
  5. Vehicles such as cars or aeroplanes are used primarily in connection with activities of protection, for exploring nature and animals, and education. We see it as a necessary evil that allows us to use time effectively, and to shorten the distances associated with operations concerning nature and animals.
  6. We reject the manipulative media system, and attempt to minimize overall systemic crimes in supporting multinational companies that devastate planet Earth in the name of profit and unsustainable growth.
  7. We reject any cooperation and communication with people involved in trophy hunting, livestock farming, and systemic unethical science. We reject the trade in tropical timber, trading with animals, and we do not engage in the systemic breeding of wild animal species, including for zoos and circuses.
  8. We live within the joy of each beautiful day, when people, nature and animals live in harmony.
  9. We honour and respect the laws of nature.
  10. We are not afraid to express disagreement with the hurting of nature and animals.
  11. We hold sacred the values of selfless love, honour, reliability, humility, courage, dedication and friendship.
  12. We are all part of nature and the universe, without any right of superiority over other animal and plant species.
  13. We respect that human awakening is a lengthy process, and we appreciate every single change made by a consumer to an ethical way of life. We are patient, but not indifferent and cowardly; we explain and set examples.
  14. We inform people of the facts of the devastation of nature, about its importance, and our potential cooperative protection.
  15. The highest value of our human behavior is ethical cooperation in the protection of nature and genuine humanity, which reflects the complexity of nature and the Earth as a priority that takes precedence over individual human interests.
  16. We respect the freedom of all living beings who are not involved in keeping captive animals for personal pleasure, without exception. We do not accept a perverse love for animals, which is motivated by ownership and results in the lifelong captivity of living beings.


The original chairman was Pavel Bakovský, alongside vice-chairman Milan Jeglík.In 2012, we moved the SPD headquarters to Brno and Milan Jeglík, the founder of the Green Life project, became the new chairman alongside Zuzana Koloušková as the vice-chairwoman.

In 2013 there was one final change when we moved the SPD HQ to Hodějovice in Vysočina, the Czech Highlands.

Members of the SPD work actively and boldly for 6 months per year on the Green Life reservation in Sumatra, where we organise and finance the anti-poaching patrol the Tiger Commandos and the Tiger House, and we organise two volunteer programs, Green and Blue. The Rainforest for Children Association is seated at Šámalova 107 in Brno Zábrdovice.

The Rainforest For Children Team:

The Rainforest For Children Association funds operations on the Green Life reservation, and employs a five member team headed by Ali Rusli (Chairman YHUA), Zbynek Hrábek (manager reservation Green Life), Ayu (accountant), Aril (commander of the Tiger Commandos) and Donna (coordinator of the Tiger house).

The annual budget for the Green Life reservation is 26 000 Euro.