Eye of the Forest is the name we gave to the Green Patrol camera trap project. It is a watchful eye, recording the activities of the natural inhabitants of the forest for the benefit of all, as well as those of poachers.

Using fixed motion-sensitive video cameras, we have recorded hours of footage of the many animals that share routes through the forest. The best of these are available to watch in the Gallery.

Camera traps are very effective against poaching. The areas we have been monitoring have seen a dramatic decline in these activities. An unfortunate side-effect of our success has been damage to some of the cameras. Poachers are angry about being pushed out of easily accessible areas of the forest and are responding violently, but our continued presence and the threat of prosecution is keeping them away.

To work effectively, camera traps need to be sited in open spaces that are clear of foliage, and at a fairly low height to capture the best animal images. Although the cameras are locked into a protective case, it is difficult to disguise them and prevent damage by determined vandals. We are trying several strategies to safeguard the cameras and identify more poachers, including using broken cameras on sites that are regularly targeted, monitored by a better-hidden working one.

The cameras on the “front line” will always be vulnerable, but they do work. Please help us to eradicate the threat of poaching in this area.

A camera trap costs £150

camera traps

Sponsors can choose to receive all the data from their camera (or another if it is damaged), or they can view highlights on the website which have been edited for overly blurred images and empty shots triggered by flying insects.

Eye of the Forest Sponsors, listed by date of donation:

  • Kadlec family – 8 camera traps (only 2 working)
  • Iva Čenovská et al. – 3 camera traps (1 under repair)
  • Jakub Sborník – 1 camera trap
  • Bára Tocauerová and Lenka Magátová – 1 camera trap (under repair)
  • Armed Store s.r.o. – 1 camera trap
  • Martin Černý – 1 camera trap
  • Miss Hauerlandová – 1 camera trap
  • Zuzana Součková – 1 camera trap
  • Povrly Ecoschool – 1 camera trap
  • Lupáčova primary school – 2 camera traps
  • Most 7th primary school – 1 camera trap


The results of monitoring and other filming can be seen in the Gallery or on youtube.

Camera trap footage from film

Camera trap footage 2014

Tiger on the Green Life reserve

Tiger footage from close to the Green Life reserve 

Eye of the Forest: Hauerlandová a spol: 

Eye of the Forest: Armed store s.r.o.

Eye of the Forest: Z. Součková – camera trap is a present for Jana Jíchová and David Outrata

Name of account: Green Life Project


Account number: 15779960

Sort code: 80-22-60

  • IBAN: GB90BOFS80226015779960