We are an ordinary, but compassionate group of people from Czech Republic, who are concerned about the current global threats facing wildlife; we have actively made crucial changes in our lives instead of standing by idly.

We gave up on overly consuming lifestyles and have chosen to be considerate and protecting of the other living creatures who share this planet with us. Our path has taken us faraway, to Indonesia in Sumatra, where we´ve  finally understood the importance of preserving the tropical rainforest and the invaluable service it provides.  We are aware of the realities around us, but we believe that our personal examples can open the hearts  and mind of others.

Milan Jeglík, Zuzana Koloušková


Our team:

Our team are orientated around people who want to cooperate in active protection of the rainforest, more specifically, critically endangered species. The organization Forest for Children consists of 13 members and other amazing volunteers. Five more members (Czech and Indonesian) are based in Indonesia and help with project Green Life.

Milan Jeglík *1973

Milan graduated from the high forestry school in Trutnov, he has got 10 years experience with the criminal police, 2 years experience in sports shotgun shooting, 4 years experience in boxing and 10 years as a diving instructor including 5 years as a commander of the Czech expedition diving boat Sea Lady in eastern Indo-Pacific. Milan has accrued 5000 dives as an instructor with SSI. In 2004 he visited the rainforest in Sumatra for first time. In 2009 he founded  Green Life reserve and non-profit organization Forest for Children. In 2013 he quit his professional career in diving and focused all his power to the Green Life project and the education of children and the youth. He is also cinematographer, amateur filmmaker and vegan.

He is also a teacher in the school educational project Richest Ecosystems of the Planet Earth. He dedicated his life to protection of rainforest and endangered animal species. He is the founder of anti-poaching Green Patrol, protector of species including the tiger and has animplacable opposition to trophy hunting, poaching and captivity of animals.

Zuzana Koloušková *1987

Zuzana has graduated with a bachelor´s degree of landscape architectures at Mendel University in Brno. After her studies she travelled through North America and Alaska. In 2011 she participated in a volunteer program in Sumatra and decided to stay there longer. She is diver with more than 500 dives in Indo-Pacific and photographer. In 2012 she founded educational company Green Life Education and became the Vice-President of Forest for Children.  She feels very protective of nature and animals. She devoted her life to protecting rainforests and endangered animal species. She is also member of anti-poaching Green Patrol. She is the soul of project Green Life and too is vegan.

Adéla Jiřičková

Adéla studied international relations at the Anglo-American University in Prague. She spends her free time participating in activities such as simulations of international organizations´negotiations (OSN and NATO) and flying sports. She loves travelling abroad; exploring new cultures and languages. She´s been working for Green Life project for three years and has personally participated in several other volunteering courses in Sumatra. Based in Czech Republic, Adela is mainly responsible for contact with schools for the REPE project.

Zbyněk Hrábek

Petr Coubal

Ali Rusli